Corporate gifts, conferences presents, house numbers, sport awards, handmade and unique objects...



"The ground, water, fire, but especially the man hand are the simple elements that distinguish this Ancient Art."

The maximum exclusivity: a precious ceramic piece entirely handmade, personalized with your name, your initials, your symbol, logo ... we are at your disposal to transform your each idea into ceramics. 10410401 10203151661785071 723317171118306086 n The Majolica produced in our Artistic Studio are made with the dexterity of the highly qualified employees, with the traditional and modern techniques, using high quality materials; it's a guarantee of an article of valuable production and artistic depth. There are Unique Creations, not reproducible in series.

The pieces will be realized on the project, on developing ideas and create together. After a careful choice of materials and the approval of the project, the implementation will be fully Artisanal. These pieces are intended for an informed customer who looks for and knows to appreciate the Artisanal culture and art, with the uniqueness of the product.

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