A large part of our production is also dedicated to pieces for everyday life: sets of dishes, biscotti jars, table accessories like olive oil bottles, large serving trays and bowls, teapots, cereal bowls, cups and saucers, and centre pieces, chargers, dinner plate, salad plate, pasta plate, soup bowl, ice cream bowl, cake or bread/butter dish, mugs, tea cup - soucer, coffee cup - soucer, wine goblet, side dish, soup tureen, pitcher, oil - vinegar set, salt - pepper set, sugar bowl, creamer, gravy boat, cheese holder, butter tray, container set, ceramic tile panels for bathrooms and kitchen, cachepots, large amphoras, mirrors, knobs, table lamps, jars, etc.. We also have dog and cat bowls that can be customized. 

This handpainted line of deeply beautiful ceramic housewares helps you care for yourself and your family in 3 incredibly important ways: is lead-free, non-toxic and safe for daily use.
Alfredo Corinaldesi, a master ceramist for more than 30 years, personally oversees all aspects of production. Decorative ceramics, in which we specialize - a guarantee of the highest quality. Our decorative pieces will look great in any space. A wide selection of decorative ceramics will professionally and effectively personalize and decorate your home, hotel, office, restaurant and other unique interiors. We can make products in a classic style, or do anything in a modern style, adding bright colors to cover.

Each product is carefully managed, to ensure at the end a perfect outcome. The company is able to meet any customer requirement. In course of decoration you can personalize, with underglaze written, the chosen object. All products exposed on this site may have some variations in accordance with tastes and desires of the customer. In addition, we realize wedding lists, wedding souvenir, gifts and collectibles and many other items. If you don't find a product on our site, you can ask and we can develop it with your collaboration.

Ceramiche Corinaldesi Alfredo - is a manufacturer and an exporter of unique decorative items. Our products are recognized by all as an italian trademark of High Quality, Hand Painted in Italy only.


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